$GC_F daily volume profile chart and outlook

28 10 2011

The fibs and the volume profile are lining up nicely at the moment. The pit session really shows how 1750 is the main pivot right now. There are major gaps to the upside and downside that also coincide well with low volume areas. If we get past 1754, 1787 could be next, followed by 1812 and the primary magnet above at 1825 or so. Below, 1700 is the obvious next battleground, followed by gaps below there at 1636 and 1613. I’ll be watching for a breakout in the currently declining volume to signal a major change in the story.


Annie Duke : Awesome Interview on Poker (Trading)

9 01 2011

$$ $STUDY Weekly Homework: Where Do You Get the Biggest Bang For Your Buck?

22 08 2010

Over the weekend I like to make sure I’m up-to-date on all the important market developments but I don’t like to get too bogged down in the ridiculous amount of information out there.  Spending some time with a few websites can give me all the basic information I’m looking for.

While I love the idea of a well-chosen “Informational Diet”, I’m sure there are some great resources out there that I am missing.  I hope some of you can suggest some other places that you think deliver a lot of bang for the buck in terms of weekly homework.

Here’s my list:

Weekly Wrap – @alphatrends kicks off my weekend with a look back at the price action of the previous week and a look ahead toward the possibilities for the week to come.  Brian always helps me to put the week in perspective and to clear my head so I can begin to look at the next week with fresh eyes.


FinViz Futures Charts – there is no better place to observe the weekly, daily, 60 minute and 5 minute price action all in one spot.  Sometimes I really like to look at price alone with no indicators to get the broadest view from the hill.


Forex Factory Calendar – this is one of many good places to get the upcoming week’s economic announcements.


Econoday – In addition to their weekly calendar, I find their “International Perspective”  and “Simply Economics” sections to be a good way to stay up-to-date with the latest economic indicators and trends both around the world and in the U.S.




StockTwits Brunch – @StevenPlace does a great job discussing the latest charts.  I really like his systematic approach to looking at the markets.  I have incorporated many aspects of his process of assessing market structure, volatility, risk tolerance, sector performance and specific market technical analysis into my weekly analysis.  There is a lot to learn by watching Steven every weekend.


Decision Point – this site costs $20 per month, but they provide excellent charts and analysis.  Their focus is perfect for my weekly homework.  It’s totally worth the $20 to be able to sit back and click through their well-done charts.  I enjoy thinking of them as my paid analysts.


Chart.ly – This site is great for getting an idea what others are thinking, but I really have to be careful to not dive in too deep!


MacroTwits – I strive to get all my homework done by 9pm on Sunday night so that I can kick back for a fascinating look at the big picture with @GregorMacDonald.  He always brings an interesting conversation,


So please tell me what I’m missing here.  I’d really like to hear about what you look at each week to keep yourself informed without becoming overwhelmed with too much information.



$$ ES_F weekly Market Profile chart – market has been balanced $macro

6 06 2010

The weekly Market Profile chart shows some interesting patterns.

Despite the recent volatility, we’ve actually been quite balanced around the 1084 level for 3 weeks.

Weekly-Naked VPOC-wise, the next interesting levels are 1156 to the upside and 998 to the downside.

$CL_F – testing bottom of 12 month channel – volume profile $macro $$

13 05 2010

crude oil is trying to bounce off the bottom of the 12 month channel…

$EURUSD $EC_F EURO volume profile $macro

12 05 2010

going back to the June 2009 highs…

$ES_F $GC_F 2-24-10

24 02 2010

Yesterdays action left us with a classic long liquidation “b” profile on the Market Profile chart.  Today we could see exploration back up into and possibly through yesterday’s range, or we could see further selling, or both.   The 1087.50 naked VPOC is an obvious magnet to the downside.


Stalking a good short entry in gold.  Now that the key 1100 level has been breached, I’m looking for a strong move to the downside.  Will be watching for a pop up to the 1111 area for an ideal entry.  1107 and 1099 are also possible entry levels.  First target is 1080.